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Kendell Jones

Kendell Jones


Paula Jones

President of Academic  Services




A Bit About Me

In the realm of education, Paula M. Jones stands as an accomplished educator and visionary leader, tirelessly dedicated to sculpting the future of learning. Her passion lies in not only fostering academic excellence but also championing the holistic development of students, creating environments that are positive, enriching, and transformative.


The narrative of Paula's educational odyssey began at Bloomsburg University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science with a major in Secondary Education/English, fortified by a Secondary Education English certification. Eager for continuous professional growth, she furthered her education at Alvernia University, obtaining a Master of Education and Principal Certification. Currently, she is on the path to completing her doctoral studies at Lehigh University, where she anticipates earning an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in the spring of 2024.


Beyond her personal pursuit of knowledge, Paula actively contributes to the academic community. As a Graduate Writing Consultant at Lehigh University, she engages with fellow students, providing thoughtful feedback on their submissions. Her commitment extends to directing and participating in graduate student writing workshops, fostering a culture of collaboration and shared learning.


Prior to her role as District Assistant Principal at Panther Valley School District in Lansford, PA, Paula taught for more than a decade focusing on English language, writing, and scholarly advancement.  She is at the forefront of leadership in action. Her responsibilities span three school buildings, where she provides crucial instructional support. This leadership extends beyond the classroom as she delves into researching, writing, and submitting grant proposals aimed at elevating educational initiatives.


Her commitment to innovative programs for positive change is evident in her creation and implementation of a comprehensive training for faculty and staff, designing anti-bullying lessons, and organizing impactful school-wide programs. 


Paula brings a diverse set of skills beyond education, having served as a Divisional Sales Manager for Valued Services, LLC in Lawton, OK. In this capacity, she supervised eleven payday loan stores, demonstrating proficiency in leadership, customer service, and strategic planning. Ever committed to staying at the forefront of educational practices, she pursues continuous learning through certifications and training in APL classroom management, Olweus Anti-bullying Program, PATTAN Letrs, Reading Apprenticeship: Writing Connections (RAWC), Student Assistant Program (SAP) Certified, and Apple Teacher Training.


As Paula continues her doctoral journey at Lehigh University, she is poised with excitement for the opportunity to further contribute to the field of education. Her goal is to play a pivotal role in shaping the leaders and learners of tomorrow, leaving an indelible mark on the educational landscape.

Relevant Experience


Professional Highlights

Personal Interests

  • National Honors Society Keynote Speaker

  • 3MT Lehigh University Dissertation Judge

  • Lehigh University College of Education Scholarship Recipient

Paula is an overwhelmed soccer mom, who enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.  

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