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Kendell Jones

Kendell Jones

Brett Jones

Operations & Analytics Consultant




A Bit About Me

A graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point, Cpt. Brett Jones served for four years in the Army, deploying to active combat zones during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Brett is an accomplished leader with a distinguished military career and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Throughout his career in various operations and business development roles, he brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning, resource management, and team coordination, honed during his years of dedicated service in the U.S. Army.


During his time in the Army, Brett served in critical roles that demanded sharp decision-making under pressure. He led teams through various high-stakes situations, demonstrating his ability to maintain composure and guide his unit to success even in the most challenging environments. His innovative strategies not only enhanced mission effectiveness but also ensured the safety and well-being of his fellow soldiers.

Upon transitioning to civilian life, Brett seamlessly translated his military expertise into the corporate arena. His passion for organizational excellence led him to senior leadership roles in the science and pharmaceutical industries, where he continues to exemplify his commitment to achieving objectives with precision and dedication. Through his visionary leadership, he has successfully orchestrated numerous cross-functional initiatives, fostering collaboration among diverse teams and achieving remarkable outcomes.

With a strong foundation built upon his military service, Brett's leadership style is characterized by adherence to standard operating procedures, adaptability, and a results-driven approach. His exceptional problem-solving skills, combined with a keen understanding of complex logistical challenges, have consistently enabled him to streamline processes and optimize operational efficiency.

Brett earned a Master's of Business Administration from the esteemed Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. This educational background, combined with his extensive leadership experience, has equipped him with a unique perspective.

Beyond his professional achievements, John remains deeply connected to the veteran community. He actively participates in mentorship programs, guiding transitioning veterans as they navigate new career paths. Additionally, he volunteers his time to support organizations dedicated to veterans' well-being, further underscoring his commitment to giving back.

Work Experience


Professional Partnerships & Funding Sources

  • Rochester Safe and Sound $3.5M Anti-Gang Initiatives - US Department of justice and Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative

  • Project Safe Neighborhoods - Western District of New York

  • NY State Project Exile

  • NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services

  • Monroe Crime Analysis Center

  • NY State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance 

  • PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

  • Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts

Personal Interests

Kendell is an avid reader, owns far too many plants, and many have questioned her better judgement for repeatedly owning Malinois.  She is fiercely passionate about supporting military, veteran, and law enforcement programs, particularly those surrounding working dogs

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